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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure to expose a greater amount of tooth structure for the purpose of subsequently restoring the tooth prosthetically.

This procedure is done by incising the gingival tissue around a tooth and, after temporarily displacing the soft tissue, predictably removing a given height of alveolar bone from the circumference of the tooth or teeth being operated on.

Crown lengthening is necessary when you have a broken or decayed tooth that requires a crown or bridge but the remaining piece of tooth is too short for placement and retention of the new prosthesis.


Surgery to increase the amount of undamaged tooth structure necessary to support and retain the crown or bridge. The gum tissue can then establish a healthy seal to the root surface because there now is adequate space for the gum to attach to the tooth.


  • Increase in the length of tooth above the gum line so that a the crown or bridge can be attached and not 'fall off.'

  • Enables the gum to form a healthy seal around the tooth which will minimise inflammation and prevent bone destruction.

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Dr. Ettel did gum grafting three times, in 3 different places in my mouth. The work healed beautifully!

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I recently had gum surgery. They were extremely gentle. I never had to wait for longer than 5 minutes from the time of appointment.

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My visit was very pleasant and professional. Considering how afraid I am, I continue to come here because of the gentle treatment I receive with sedation. I was informed of each step taken which I also enjoy. This is the best dental office and I tell others this often. Thank you!

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I'm very happy with the service the hygienists provide and plan to keep coming back. 5 extra stars to the Polish hygienist; she's awesome and super friendly and takes the stress away from having someone poking around in your mouth.

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It was actually the most comfortable dental experience I've ever had. The staff takes time to talk to the patients and let's you know what's going on while they do the work. I'd recommend this place to everyone! Great experience.

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